K9 Just in CASE, LLC
Reversible Dog Bandanas
Patent Protected  US Patents D631,209 D631,209
As responsible dog owners, we must clean up after our pets.  Not only do neighbors appreciate it, but in most places it is the law.
K9 Just in CASE bandannas are designed to make it convenient and stylish!  Your pup carries his or her own "concealed" plastic bag.
Recycle the bags you have around the house or purchase inexpensive refills.  
These are a few suggestions  Look around - I'm sure you'll find even more!
Press the air out of bags when you fold them - they will fit more easily!  And always be sure to check for holes!
Recycle those grocery store bags!
Any kind of bread bags work just fine
- sliced bread, dinners roll, etc.
Everyone is familiar with this type
of plastic bag.  Perfect for the
smaller breeds.
A couple of examples of bags found
in  discount dollar stores.
Small trash can bags work well
for large dogs.
The plastic bag on the daily
Just about any plastic bag will work!  
This is from a package of plastic cups.
A Few Words About Bags
Bio-degradable bags are a great
choice!  Clean up after your pup and
be environmentally responsible, too!