Meet our Shelby!  This darling girl came to us through the Virginia
Beach SPCA and Southeastern Virginia Collie and Sheltie Rescue.  
Lil' Miss Shelby is a senior girl, but you would never know it.  She
loves to walk and, like the Energizer Bunny, keeps going and
going and going - ha!  She is brilliant and highly intuitive and
loves her mommy best.  Is it any wonder she has stolen (and
healed) our hearts?
Shelby's Page
Shelby Faye Gazaway,
SBG (Sweet Baby Girl)
aka Sugar Plum and Doodlebug
Shelby's first selfie!
Cherry trees at RedWing Park
The bridge at Lakeside Park
Shelby giving me the stink-eye
about the bows.  Okay, no more
bows after grooming.
First Landing State Park
Too cute to be scary.
Happy Halloween!
Fearless after the storm and flooding
Helping mommy in the sewing room
Nose dog!
Redwing Park
Walking with daddy
With the "big man" himself!
Christmas 2016
I see a squirrel!
We had the Virginia Beach oceanfront all to
ourselves one morning in February
Thanksgiving at Grandma's
Our Beautiful girl!
Lazy summer day in the backyard
Summer 2017
No -  more -  pictures.